Carbon Cowboys

Roots So Deep the South African Road Show 

July 2024

Peter Byck will be visiting South Africa in July '24 for 4 events where he will show parts of his 4 part documentary Root so Deep.  After the showing Peter will engage in a Q & A with local farmers and consumers around the research and regenerative livestock farming in general.  The movie focuses on their research where they compared a number of paired farms - one regeneratively grazed, one conventionally grazed.  The science was conducted on the following areas - greenhouse gas fluxes, water infiltration, soil microbiology, insect life, and birdlife.

Scientists on the project include Richard Teague, Jonathan Lundgren, and David Johnson - here is the full team 

The 4 events will be in the KZN Midlands (15 July), Bloemfontein (17 July), Graaff Reinet (19 July) and Cape Town (21 July).  The Cape Town Event will be part of the 9th World Congress on Conservation Agriculture but will be open to people who are not attending the Congress.

Here is more information on the Carbon Cowboys and Roots So Deep

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