Regenerative Suppliers and Agronomists

Southern Africa's leading regenerative agronomists and suppliers of regenerative product.
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Makarios Agri

We assess and develop plant and soil nutritional programs to achieve cost-effective spending. We provide prescription blends, tailor-made for specific soil and plant applications over a wide range of crops. These blends are mostly fish emulsion based.
We also provide general and task specific microbial products for a wide variety of applications including pathogen and insect control.
Crops include: Citrus, Grapevines, Plums, Peaches, Pecans, Olives, Corn, Wheat, Soybeans, Pumpkin, Melon, Potato, Tomato, Avocado, Tablegrapes
We also assist with commercial and on-farm composting.
We specialize in reduction of inorganic fertilizer inputs by means of revolutionary concepts and applications.
Contact: Fritz +27 82 805 8420


Product / Consulting

Rhino Agrivantage

Rhino AgriVantage supply agricultural growers of all sizes with real time and relevant advice to improve their yield and quality in a sustainable manner.

Rhino AgriVantage use the latest technology to diagnose the problem and monitor the implementation of the plant nutrition plan.

From soil and water conditioners and corrector products, to foliar fertilizers, deficiencies correctors chelates for foliar and soil applications, biostimulants of different phenological stages of crops, and our preventives line of plant health.

Contact: Gavin +27 82 582 2838


Product / Consulting

Soil Health Support Centre

The Soil Health Support Centre jointly administered by Nemlab and Soil Health Solutions offer a comprehensive range of soil health tests that concentrate on measuring the efficiency of soil functions as driven by the soil microbiology. These tests are carefully selected in a progression range that start with the simple soil respiration as an entry test for a Farmer just to get an idea of his overall soil life and progress through a range of tests to the very sophisticated Soil Microbial functional group analyses known as the PLFA (Phospho Lipid Fatty Acid Analysis) that is combined with the Haney Soil Health analyses termed the Comprehensive Soil Health Analyses. To these we have added the Nematode Soil Health Bio indicator test as well as Mycorrhizae colonization analyses.

We have a strong association with Ward labs in Nebraska, USA where the more complicated work is done.

Contact: Sheila 021-875 8160


Soil Tests

Green Bio

GreenBio products exist to help you farm with nature, not against it;

We specialise in improving livestock production, animal health, welfare and profitability while enriching farm lands and nourishing the ecosystems that breathe life into all.

We enable the growth, diversity and accessibility of critical probiotics.

GreenBio helps improve your farming systems holistically and provide natural products that focus on the diversity and accessibility of biodiverse microbe cultures that improve the health, immunity, and growth of your livestock at a fundamental level.

Contact: Gerry Weber +27 82 824 7258


Livestock Probiotics

RAS & Bio-Soil Global

Our role, as we see it, is to help farmers transition successfully from chemical to Regenerative Agriculture. When working with nature the result is reduced inputs, better cash flow and higher profits. If you try to control nature, she fights back. The exponential increase in erosion and pest and disease problems in recent years, necessitating ever increasing chemical usage is proof of this. The destruction of soil life, key to plant health and performance, has cost us dearly.

Our approach identifies products and practices which best work with nature, to progressively negate these problems and minimize costs.

Research into soil and gut biology has been exponential during the last 10-20 years. Some concepts have succeeded for over 50 years and only now are we beginning to follow this lead.

We promote, evaluate and monitor products and practices proven over the years, taking cues from experts such as Elaine Ingham, Christine Jones, Jill Clapperton, Allan Savory and Gabe Brown, as well as local specialists


Gary 073 037 8700

Lindy 079 561 0903


Product / Consulting

AGT Cover Crops & Forages

AGT Cover Crops & Forages specializes in the supply of seed and agronomy solutions for the successful planting, growing and managing of cover crops and forages across all forms of agricultural production. From small scale subsistence producers to corporate commercial clients.

Our approach is to create custom solutions for each client - based on the individual context, objectives, and challenges. It all begins with what you are looking to achieve.


Simon Hodgson - 082 908 4757

Kate Volbrecht - 082 370 4926


Cover Crops

Stephen Barrow

I am an Agriculturalist with post graduate qualification majoring in Soil Science and Hydrology. I am one of the modern pioneers of South African Organic Agriculture.

I work as a consultant, scientific advisor, trainer and auditor, offering a range of services orientated towards keeping the farmer on the land through optimising production in an economically viable, socially acceptable, environmentally sensitive and regenerative manner, with acceptable levels of risk (i.e. to themselves, their family and society), irrespective of the scale (urban agriculture, small-holders, emerging and commercial farmers, intensive through to broadacre farming) and method of production.

Core skills

• Whole farm planning, including enterprise selection and budgeting, soil survey, land use assessments, land capability classification, soil and water conservation and regeneration, landscape rehydration, and farm conversion to Regenerative Agriculture methods based on the design ethics, principles and methodologies of Agroecology, Holistic Management, Keyline Geography, Regrarians® Platform and Permaculture.

• Implementation of strategies to address anthropogenic climate change.

• Technology and skills transfer through training and working onsite with the client.

• Development of Production Standards.

• Development of Standard Operating Policies and Procedures.

• Conversion of farms to certified organic production and preparing for audits.

• Establishment of 2nd party product endorsement through the establishment of Participatory Guarantee Systems.

• Marketing produce to appreciative consumers.

Contact: Stephen



Barenbrug specializes in plant breeding, seed production and the international marketing of seeds for pasture, cover crops, forage and legumes. Barenbrug has great confidence in the excellent research that is carried out within our international network of subsidiaries and research facilities in all the important climatic zones. Our brand stands for quality and innovation. That is our commitment, our yellow promise. The fact that the world's population will grow to nine billion within a few decades puts a heavy responsibility on any company that is involved - be it directly or indirectly - in food production, water consumption and CO₂ emissions. It is a responsibility that we will respond to and make a significant contribution. We see cover crops as a tool to give back to our soils which have been over cultivated for many years. Cover crops contribute to carbon sequestration, reducing the amount of fertilizers ending up in our water reserves and decreasing harmful chemical inputs, thus increasing soil health.

We can assist with all the common goals of regenerative agriculture:

• Weed suppression

• Biomass production

• Nitrogen fixation

• Alleviating compaction

• Erosion control

• Forage production

• Stimulation of microbial activity

• Bio fumigation

• Attracting natural predators and pollinators

• Low maintenance

• Decoration

• Moisture conservation

• Combatting soil disease

Contact: Douw Steyn +27 82 826 8222